What are some examples of dysfunctional parenting

In perspective the dysfunctional family tend to be generational. Dysfunctional behavior is very often learned behavior passed from generation to generation as the results of that family beliefs, morals, principals, and education can in some cases be a factor but is does not have to be. Than you must also look at other factors which the family does not have any control over such as mental illness. In addition, the economic status of a family certainly can be a factor in the dysfunction of that family. However, some of the more common factors are things like sexual abuse, incest, drug abuse, lack of employment, homelessness, infidelity, divoice,unwanted pregnancies, mental retardation, criminal behavior. However, every family experience some element of dysfunction but the severity of it depends on things such as intervention, acknowledgement of the problem etc. In many situations the family will often try to hide it or denie that their family is dysfunctional and things get worst. Now denial can go on for generations until perhaps a family member encounter problems with the police , courts , hospital as the result of demestic violence. When this happens the issues of that family are often than brought to the attention of one of these public agencies who than may intervene.

In summary, the dysfunctional family can be generational and there are many factors that are involved. The issues that pledge the family is often passed from generation to generation. In the end there is a need for outside intervention to resolve things.

Source(s): Eugene Williams