Can zombies get tazed

As a medical transcriptionist, I often see some pretty amazing things. Of course I really can’t repeat these stories as they are patient’s private medical information.

But yesterday I learned something and had to pass it on. The correct spelling of tased/tazed. The word came up in a report yesterday and it took me forever to figure out the correct spelling.

If you search google, you will find references to both spellings which made the decision hard. The brand name is spelled Tazer. The act however is taser/tased. So in case you were wondering the correct spelling is “Gentleman was tased.” Funny the things you learn. What crazy words will you learn today?


UPDATE: This post was written well over a year ago and as often happens in the English language phrases and terms are changed for a more cohesive language. It appears that many of this has changed and we should no longer use the spelling taZed/taZe/taZer.

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