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Looking for the best Souq Waqif restaurants? In this guide I round up the 5 must try and best restaurants in Souq Waqif from my years of living in Qatar and exploring the Souq – my favourite place in the city and definitely my favourite place to visit in Doha at night! For me the Souq embodies the soul of Doha and is the place to find the most authentic Qatar things to do! For me a big part of getting to know somewhere is through its cuisine so if you are looking for where to eat in Souq Waqif this guide will have you sorted! 

Souq Waqif Restaurants – Best Restaurants in Souq Waqif 

Parisa – the best restaurant in Souq Waqif


I have written about Parisa before because it is one of my favorite restaurants in Doha and certainly in my opinion the best restaurant in Souq Waqif!

 Parisa Souq Waqif branch has the blend of amazing food coupled with the most decadent and exotic restaurant decors in the whole of Doha. Whenever we have visitors this is the place we take them. I recommend you try the rice (they do three types and they are all delicious), the kebabs but our surprising favorite is the walnut and pomegranate stew.

Kebab platter at Parisa Souq Waqif

Bandar Aden – the cheapest Souq Waqif Restaurant!

This is perhaps the cheapest Souq Waqif restaurant and also one of my favorites. Until I had eaten at Bandar Aden I had never eaten at a Yemeni restaurant or tried Yemeni food! I had been missing out! 

What surprised me is how different Yemeni Food is to other Middle Eastern foods. Big sizzling stews served with bread and a Yemeni type salsa. In my opinion this is the best Yemeni Restaurant Souq Waqif has on offer if not the best Yemeni restaurant in Doha! 

If you like me are looking for authentic Middle East experiences why not consider staying at a hotel in Souq Waqif on your layover in Doha? 

Gymkhana – the best Indian food in Doha


Being from Birmingham, curry has been a big part of my culinary life. When I arrived in Doha I went on a quest to find the best curry and have to admit I was disappointed until I found Gymkhana. They have a fabulous range of starters along with some more traditional curries. They also serve a fabulous Mango Lassi!

Damascus restaurant Souq Waqif  

Damascus One was the first restaurant I ate in in Souq Waqif. I love the restaurant especially in Winter as it has the most beautiful terrace that is perfect for people watching. I don’t usually order a main when I eat here but a whole bunch of Mezze starters. It is a great place to go in nice weather in Qatar.

Italia Mia

Ok, I know not the obvious choice when visiting Souq Waqif Qatar but sometimes you don’t fancy Middle Eastern or Asian food. Sometimes all you fancy is a pizza even when you are in a Souq. The Italia Mia pizzas are delicious and tucked away in a back alley of the Souq. The staff are really friendly and the pizza crusts are perfect!

What are your favorite Souq Waqif restaurants?

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